GRAN SPORT AUTOBODY was established by Keith Diabo and his brother Duane in 1985,but their muscle car experiences go back much farther. The first Buick in the family came when their father bought a new Buick Riviera GS back in 1970. A few years later Keith took over the Riviera GS and by 1979 tracked down and bought his first 1970 GS Stage1.This was the beginning of what sparked interest in racing and restoring Muscle Cars and eventually led to the opening of Gran Sport Autobody.

GS AUTOBODY has restored many different makes of Muscle Cars and continues to do so, and can take on any project according to your needs. GS Autobody is very experienced in GM A Bodies: Chevelle, GTO, 442 and of course specialize in BUICKS. They have had every type of Buick restoration project you could imagine,building GS specialty class race/show cars IE: GS Pro Street, GS Street Eliminator and Stock Appearing. Gran Sport Autobody were pioneers of the Stock Appearing race classes. Long before the Pure Stock and F.A.S.T.race formats were established and became popular, Duane Diabo's GSX could be seen at the GS Nationals running 11 second 1/4 mile times through factory exhaust manifolds with a completely factory stock appearing engine. Race Class Performance Restorations, Race Engines & Drivetrains and award winning Frame Off Restorations all add up to a long and impressive list of projects. Many of these cars have been magazine cover feature cars with in depth articles in many automotive publications in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

GS AUTOBODY is NOT a “production” restoration shop. It is a HIGH QUALITY CUSTOM RESTORATION SHOP. GS Autobody builds their cars with craftsmanship, making sure that panel fitting and adjustments are correct. Specialized preparation and all important curing times are applied during each step of the paint finishing process, before and after the car is painted. GS Autobody understands these processes and how it affects the quality of the finished product and applies these measures so that a GS Autobody restoration lasts a lifetime. At GS Autobody it is about QUALITY not QUANTITY, it is realized that above all else it is the finished product that speaks for itself. . GS Autobody is proud to display cars they have restored over 20 years ago. They have stood the test of time and the quality that has been built into them is clearly evident.

If you are considering having a restoration done, please consult us, we would be happy to suggest a restoration format that suits your needs, and give you a detailed restoration perspective. Join the long list of people that have already had a world class restoration created by GRAN SPORT AUTOBODY.