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35Kenneth Montour's 1970 GS Stage 1 Street/Strip car. This car has been a test vehicle for us for many years. We restored the body back to it's rare original Stratomist Blue color and have rebuilt the complete drivetrain in our shop. We recently built the latest engine combo, it is a stock stroke 455 with factory cast iron Gran Sport Autobody ported Stage1 heads. This car runs as great as it looks. It is making approximately 700HP and has run 10.30's @ 131 MPH through the full exhaust on a slippery track!



Duane Diabo's 1970 GSX Stage1 455. I restored this car in the late 80's shortly after we opened Gran Sport Autobody. It has won and placed well in several GS Street Stock drag race events and car shows at the GS Nationals in Bowling Green Kentucky over the years. Also with the support of the Buick GS Club of America it took the win in the 3rd round of the famous Hemi vs GS series. The car has been featured in and has been on the cover of many of the big magazines such as V8 Passion, Popular Hot Rodding & Muscle Car Review. The engine looks as it did when sold new with it's factory iron intake & exhaust manifolds, Q-jet carb and factory iron Stage1 heads. Back in 1998 at the GS Nationals it ran 11.46@116 mph.

Don Elliott's 1971 GS Stage1 455 "Johnny Lightning Car" Don brought over this awesome Stage1 for us to restore in the late 80's, it was clean enough to leave on the frame and still has it's completely original mint shape black interior! It is a fully optioned GS with air conditioning & power windows etc. It weighs in at close to 4100lbs w/driver and can still run 11.50's. The car was spotted by Popular Hot Rodding Magazine at the GS Nationals and the photo shoot led to the creation of a Johnny Lightning collector car issue! Click image below to enlarge.