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Bob Lindquist's 1971 GS Stage1 Convertible conversion. This was one of our own "shop cars" that we just couldn't pass up. It was in amazing rust free condition and still had it's original but faded Bittersweet Mist lacquer when we acquired it. Bob took it over and had us strip and restore the body. While we were at it we converted it to Stage1 specs. Bob can regularly be seen with the top down cruising Woodward Ave. and the back streets of Detroit in this awesome convertible.


Richard Lasseter's 1970 GS Stage1 "Ol' Blue". This has to be the world's most famous GS! As President & founder of the Buick GS Club Of America, Richard,along with Ol' Blue literally put Buick on the performance map. There is too much history behind this car to mention everything but one of the highlights goes back to 1985 and the 1st round of the Hemi vs GS Stage1 shootout series, when the dust settled the GS came out on top! We are very honored that Richard let us handle the project when it came time to restore Ol' Blue. The car was in great shape, it picked up a few battle scars and the hot Georgia sun had started to fade the original Gulfstream Blue but it still looked good. We took the body off the frame and went through everything piece by piece, made a few improvements and put everything back together again as you see it here.

This is what we call a battle ready restoration. Don't let the smooth idle fool you!
Duane Diabo's Stage1 GSX Stocker. This shot is from the 98 GS Nationals in Bowling Green Ky. Getting the power to the ground on this run. It went 11.46 @ 116 mph which was a record run!