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Frank Urbinati's 1970 GSX Stage2 Pro Street Car.This was one of our most fun projects ever. Frank said " Make it look good and make it fast". It is an original GS that we gave the GSX treatment to.We straightened out the body and put together a 494 ci stroked 455 and topped it off with a set of aluminum T/A Performance Stage2 heads. The body is all steel and has a full interior and easily drives on the street.We debuted the car at the 1997 GS Nationals where it set the GS Pro Street et record of 10.09, it won the event that year and also took home the "Best Of Show" award!


Frank's GSX was the first of the GS Pro Street cars to break into the 9's! This was back in 1997,the car was pretty heavy at 3750lbs and ran a 9.98 @ 134mph on 9" slicks! The engine dynoed at 750 hp!

Carl Rychlik's 1970 GS Stage1. Carl's car won the Hemmings Muscle Machines magazine "Car Of The Year" award for 2006! It was featured on the cover of their Dec.06 issue! Carl brought us the car with the frame & drivetrain already done.We did the body restoration and installed the nos vinyl top.Carl being a real hands on kind of guy did the interior assembly and final detailing.