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Adam Calverly's 1971 GS 455 4-Speed. This is another body restoration project of ours. Adam did a great job with the frame and drivetrain. We massaged the body and painted it back the original Glacier White color. A really cool car, you don't see 4 speed Buicks too often.


Larry Dennis' 1970 GSX Stage1.Many may remember this was Pam & Jerry Berger's GSX and could be seen showing and racing at the GS Nationals in years past. Larry took over the X recently and we are really happy that he gave us the project of restoring it. This one was stripped right down to it's skeleton and restored to better than new condition. A beautiful GSX.

Michael Rice's 1950 Ford. This one is a little different! We really enjoyed working on this Ford. It was another survivor in really good shape for it's age,we stripped it and restored the body & interior and at the same time installed a Buick 455! Just Kidding....It still has it's original flat head Ford that will never die!